Wordpress websites

Bistro Green - mobile
Zkontrolujbyt.cz - mobile
Bartoš Legal & Partners - mobile
Pudavaukci.cz - mobile
Bistro Green - desktop
Zkontrolujbyt.cz - desktop
Bartoš Legal & Partners - desktop
Pudavaukci.cz - desktop

Bistro Green

I coded a Wordpress template and programmed a simple reservation system for this friendly bistro.

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Simple web presentation, custom Wordpress theme.

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Bartoš Legal & Partners

Web presentation for a law firm, custom Wordpress theme.

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Online auction website build on Wordpress.

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Framework Yii2 websites

Rums.cz - mobile
cKlub.cz - mobile
ÚPSL - mobile
Rums.cz - desktop
cKlub.cz - desktop
ÚPSL - desktop


Czech rums auction. Html coding, custom CMS, auction system.

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Travel portal - my work is everywhere you look. Through coding, creating custom CMS on Yii2 framework, to affil import from invia or generating open graph images.

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Web presenatation for Ústav preventivního a sportovního lékařství. Custom CMS.

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